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Hey! I live in Berlin since November, 2016. I fell in love with Berlin from the moment I visited the city for the first time in summer of 2011. Originally I come from Azerbaijan, where I was born and grew up. I have been living in Germany since 3 years.

What is your favourite place in Berlin?

Hey together. I'm 22 and still a newbie in 2A hostel. Since March I am a member of 2A-Hostel crew and the friendly male colleague at the reception. Connected to the work in the hostel, I am a dual student in Berlin and change every second week between university and work.
Originally I am from Koblenz in Rheinland-Pfalz and moved to Berlin for my studies in early 2017. Although I have not been here for too long, I discovered some places I would consider as “favorite spots”, especially in summery temperatures.

What is your favourite place in Berlin?

Das größte Puzzle der Welt!

Even today one can become a part of the world history. The „Mall of Berlin“ came up with a very interesting idea of doing it. It was tried to reach the world record in gathering the biggest puzzle in the world. The amount of 40,320 puzzle pieces was waiting for all the puzzle fans. Despite the theme of Disney World, that certainly was oriented to the smaller guests, parents also looked very busy trying to connect the pieces. The mood also took over the teenagers, who joined the event with great pleasure.

Stadtführung Berlin

With Germany, and Berlin’s, vast and rich history, there are bound to be multitudes of options for tourists to learn about it all. You wont be able to fit them all in, so here’s a good suggestion of the best and most affordable ones to do, so you can learn more about the tumultuous times of world war two, the DDR, the Berlin Wall.

Verregnete Tage in Berlin

Not everyone can travel in the summer, and you know, sometimes it may not be the best season for running around Europe. Tourists are everywhere and peak prices may get to you, so if you find yourself traveling in the slightly cooler months, there are plenty of things to do to ensure you have just as much of a fulfilling experience as traveling in summer, especially in Berlin.